Refund and Return Policy

Puppy Blessing believes that  puppies come first.  If you are experiencing problems with your puppy please contact us as soon as possible.   We provide a 2 year genetic health guarantee.    They will be up to date on all vaccinations and wormings.  We ask to be informed before you take a puppy to the vet.  We will also ask for the vets paperwork and contact information before refunding.  It is hard to believe how many times breeders are defrauded and loose puppies to scams and have to pay vet bills that are just printed papers.

We do not hide our policy in the small print. When you buy from Puppy Blessings you become part of our customer family and you will be treated as such. We have years of experience so give us a call any time if you need advice or would like to ask a question.  

We refund to the amount you paid for the puppy.  


We understand that paying a deposit is a risky business, scams abound and it is always best for us to meet in person and do the transaction face to face.  However, that is not always possible.   Our deposits are exactly what you think it is, we take the pet off the website and keep it for you.  If you change your mind we need to take new photos and get it listed again, that is why we have a deposit, to ensure that both parties are safe.  So don't ask us to return a deposit - that is not fair.  We are always willing to transfer a deposit to another puppy for you.  Even at a later time. If you have concerns pleas talk to us or Google us, you will find that we have an excellent reputation.

 email at or text/call 423 503 5292.